Diary extract, 2nd June 2011

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I had no idea that what seemed like such a simple idea would prove to be so complex – in fact a logistical nightmare! Just getting the equipment and kayak onto the park through security and getting everyone from their various sites to the one location was more stressful than I thought possible. David Lucas… Read more »

UNEARTHED: the creative history of a brownfield site

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A short film about the Unearthed exhibition at Warton House, by Bevis Bowden. Bevis is a Film Maker and Cinematographer who has filmed a diverse and challenging range of works for organisations such as the BBC, individuals such as John Cale and artists such as Hamish Fulton.

Brick, by Neville Gabie

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In 1987 whilst a student at the RCA, I abandoned working in the studio and began making sculpture / temporary interventions in streets, a rubbish dump and a derelict paint factory in Carpenters Road – exactly where the Olympic Aquatics Centre has been built. This particular piece involved carving a found fragment of a brick… Read more »