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Diary extract, 2nd June 2011

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I had no idea that what seemed like such a simple idea would prove to be so complex – in fact a logistical nightmare! Just getting the equipment and kayak onto the park through security and getting everyone from their various sites to the one location was more stressful than I thought possible. David Lucas… Read more »

Selected archive material from Paul Rosenbloom

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As one of the first people to move into Carpenters Road, Paul had a studio there until all the artists were asked to vacate in 2011. When setting up the Unearthed exhibition Paul presented us with every letter exchange from his first contract to the last settlement of accounts. His paperwork included studio floor plans,… Read more »

UNEARTHED: the creative history of a brownfield site

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A short film about the Unearthed exhibition at Warton House, by Bevis Bowden. Bevis is a Film Maker and Cinematographer who has filmed a diverse and challenging range of works for organisations such as the BBC, individuals such as John Cale and artists such as Hamish Fulton.

Images from the Unearthed exhibition

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Unearthed, exhibtion image, Carpenter's Warehouse, Olympic Park

There is an obvious connection between Warton House and the Carpenters Road factory. Both buildings have a shared Yardley’s history and Warton House is currently being converted into new studios for Acme, creating a permanent artist presence in the area when they open in October 2012. The exhibition took place 3–11 September 2011. To find out… Read more »

Brick, by Neville Gabie

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In 1987 whilst a student at the RCA, I abandoned working in the studio and began making sculpture / temporary interventions in streets, a rubbish dump and a derelict paint factory in Carpenters Road – exactly where the Olympic Aquatics Centre has been built. This particular piece involved carving a found fragment of a brick… Read more »

Carpenters Road before and after demolition

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© Acme Studios. Photographer: John Riddy (1990)

Between 1986 to 2011 the former Yardley’s Factory on Carpenters Road, was used as artists’ studios. They were managed by Acme Studios and at the time were the largest single block of studios in Europe with over 500 artists having had studios there during that period. The building was demolished prior to the development of… Read more »